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West Coast Trip

The Sixers have won three in a row, and four of five. This is about the same time last year that the Sixers made their playoff run, and it was a certain west coast game in March where the Sixers bottled most of their magic -- March 1 against the Suns.

The upcoming road trip looks brutal on paper. First up is Kobe and the Lakers, who have lost 13 games all season, and only four of those have been in the Staples Center. Yikes. The other four match-ups are with Phoenix, Golden State, Sacramento and Portland.

I'd love to see the Sixers to go on another magical run, much like they did last March where they went 11-4. Whether they were at home or on the road, they got things done. Their notable road wins last March were @ Phoenix, @ Detroit, and @ Boston. What about this year? Do they have it in them? Are they carrying enough momentum to get a couple huge road wins? I'm convinced that this road trip will set the tone for the rest of the season, so it's essential the Sixers leave it all on the floor. It's make or break time.

So what can we expect? I'm setting the bar high. I want four wins -- at the very least three. The Sixers HAVE to take care of business in Golden State and in Sacramento. There's no excuse not to. The Phoenix game will be a toss up, and the games in LA and Portland will be extremely tough to come out with wins. That said, four wins is very possible. Do you believe?

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