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Game 63: Bulls @ Sixers preview/game thread





Enemy: Blog a Bull
Prediction: 107-98 Bulls
7:00 PM est
Previous meetings: 103-95 W103-92 L
Probable starters:
Derrick Rose PG Andre Miller
Ben Gordon SG Willie Green
John Salmons SF Andre Iguodala
Tyrus Thomas PF Thaddeus Young
Joakim Noah C Samuel Dalembert


Sixers, Bulls, in the Spectrum -- for the final time. Unfortunately, tonight will be nothing like the Barkley/Jordan match-ups, but I think, or at least I hope, there will be a certain buzz in the crowd that makes this game one to remember.

"The Spectrum game" is highly anticipated for it's historic value, but the game also has important playoff implications. The Sixers are currently the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference, only three and a half games up on the Bulls. The two teams have split the season series so far, and a win tonight would put either the Sixers or Bulls that much closer to holding the tie-breaker. That could be extremely important if the teams finish with the same record.

As for the historical value of tonight's game, I'm a little too young to have any lasting memories of the Spectrum. However; is doing a great job of covering the game, including a trip down memory lane for all you, for lack of a better term, old-schoolers.

For the game itself, it should be a good one. Who could forget the last time these two teams played in Philly? Andre Miller remembers. It's safe to say at the time of that embarrassing play(s), Andre Miller was a little rusty and a little out of shape. I'd put money on him coming out tonight and showing the rook a thing or two.

The two keys to the game are the same as every game -- stop the three, and make free throws. If the Sixers do both of those things well tonight, they'll send the Spectrum out the right way. It would be an added bonus if Lou, Thad and Sam play anywhere near the level they played on Wednesday.

Game's at 7 eastern. Be here. This is the last time we'll ever get to see a game in the Spectrum. Don't miss it.


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