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Raptors at Sixers open thread 03/11/09




Enemy: None
Prediction: 103-100 Raptors
7:00 PM est
Previous meetings: 95-84 L, 106-96 W
Probable starters:
Jose Calderon PG Andre Miller
Anthony Parker SG Willie Green
Shawn Marion SF Andre Iguodala
Chris Bosh PF Thaddeus Young
Andrea Bargnani C Samuel Dalembert

Well, I think I'm on the verge of dying from the flu, so that's cool. Throw that on top of the fact that I have a monster math test in a couple hours, and a communications quiz -- neither of which I've studied enough for. And yeah, my day basically sucks.

On the the game. Here are two things you need to know:

  • The Raptors are 2-7 since the Shawn Marion trade.
  • The Raptors make 6 threes a game.

Honestly, I don't like tonight's matchup for the Sixers. I'm still waiting for that magical game that turns around the Sixers season. Coming off a 15-point loss to the team who shall remain nameless, I'm not sure it happens tonight.

I still have a sliver of hope though. Pre-All Star break Sixers... where are you?

The game's at 7 eastern. Check out Tanner's dope point guard preview in the meantime. Wish me luck on my exams, and I hope my flu gets better -- or do I? Tonight's game thread might go down in history as the "flu game". I'm ready for greatness.

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