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Heat at Sixers open thread 02/07/09

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Enemy: Peninsula is Mightier
Prediction: 95-93 Sixers
7:00 PM est
Previous meetings: 106-83 L
Probable starters:
Mario Chalmers PG Andre Miller
Dwyane Wade SG Willie Green
Shawn Marion SF Andre Iguodala
Udonis Haslem PF Thaddeus Young
Jamaal Magloire C Samuel Dalembert

I honestly had no idea the Miami Heat were 26-22. The Heat just don't jump out at me as a "good team." It pains me to think that they have a better record than the Sixers. I remember watching the Sixers get absolutely destroyed by them earlier this season and thinking to myself, "How did that just happen?"

They roll out a starting lineup with rookie point guard Mario Chalmers at the helm. He's been finding his way in the league as of late, and it looks like he'll develop into a solid NBA point guard. I'm still pretty disappointed in Stefanski for not trying harder to get this guy on draft night. He was the fourth pick in the second round. How nice would it be to have him as our backup point guard right now? With all the Andre Miller rumors going around, it would be comforting to know that we had a true point guard sitting behind him on the depth chart. Last time the Heat and Sixers played Chalmers had 9 steals. 9 freakin' steals! 'Dre Miller and Lou-Will better bring their "A" game tonight, because if Chalmers gets anything close to 9 steals again, it's over. Oh yeah, and take the ball out of his hands with the game on the line.

You can't talk about the Miami Heat without talking about D-Wade. He's their stud. He's the reason I'm super stoked about tonight's match-up. Number one, you never know what kind of moves, dunks or shots this guy is capable of making. Number two, I always like to watch Andre Iguodala's match-ups with Media-anointed NBA gods. I personally think Iguodala has a better highlight resume. Moves, dunks and shots. And you know how every fan, including me thought Wade was a much better shooter than Iguodala?

FG%: Iguodala 47.5% Wade 47.9%

3P%: Iguodala 29.8% Wade 28.8%

FT%: Iguodala 73.8% Wade 74.6%

Assist/Turnover Ratio (just for kicks): Iguodala 1.89 Wade 2.05

They look pretty similar to me. The one huge difference people will point at is the "clutch factor", but Iguodala has been as clutch as they get lately. Hopefully tonight's the night Iguodala hits his first game-winner of the season. 95-93 baby!

Two more things of note. I think Shawn Marion is washed up. I can't wait to see my theory in action tonight. Also, Daequan Cook, originally drafted by the Sixers, can shoot the three. He hits 2.3 of them a game at 41%. Please cover this guy. As I mentioned, he was originally drafted by Philly and traded to Miami for Jason Smith on draft night. Daequan's 2.3 threes a game would be real nice at shooting guard. Just saying.

Besides Cook and Chamlers not many Heats(?) shoot the three. Thank God. The Sixers match up pretty well with anyone who doesn't shoot the three, especially if the team thinks they can run with them, and I think that might be the case tonight.

7 p.m. eastern. Be here.