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Pacers at Sixers open thread 02/05/09

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Enemy: Indy Cornrows
Prediction: 101-94 Pacers
7:00 PM est
Previous meetings: 94-92 W, 95-94 L
Probable starters:
T.J. Ford PG Andre Miller
Mike Dunleavy SG Willie Green
Danny Granger SF Andre Iguodala
Troy Murphy PF Thaddeus Young
Jeff Foster C Samuel Dalembert

I gotta get my butt to my 8:00 class, so I'll make this quick.

We've had two games with the Pacers this year, and they've both been close. They've also been pretty exciting. One was a one-point win and the other was a two-point loss. In the victory, the Sixers stormed back from 26 down to win the game and in the loss, T.J. Ford hit the game-winner.

Hey, who knows, maybe Danny Granger can hit a buzzer-beater against us tonight.

In all seriousness, I don't like this matchup at all. In the previous two meetings the Pacers have started Rasho Nesterovic, Roy Hibbert, Stephen Graham, Brandon Rush and Marquis Daniels--not together. That would be a God awful starting lineup. They've been fill-in's for the Pacers various injuries. Tonight the Pacers will be at full strength.

I expect to see this Jim O'Brien team jacking up three after three after three. Danny Granger is one of the most underrated players in the league. He averages 2.7 threes per game. Yikes. I'm still bitter from passing him up in fantasy basketball.

If the Sixers can stop the three, they'll be money. If not, I see them losing, and losing pretty bad. I don't like this matchup at all. Hopefully I'm wrong. I really don't want to see a 1-3 start to the road trip. And I definitely can't take another devastating loss.

7 p.m. easter. Be here.