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Recap: Sixers hang on for the win against Knicks

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Box Score

Posting and Toasting

A win's a win, a win's a win. You can't get too excited about a 5-point win against an inferior Eastern Conference team. Especially in a game where the Sixers held a 20 point lead throughout, only to watch it dwindle down to nearly nothing in the second half. I'll say it again though, when you're a struggling team, fighting for playoff positioning, a win's a win, a win's a win. Being over .500 again feels good. The Sixers are now 29-28 and 3.5 games out of the coveted four seed. 

As for the game, the Sixers season-long problems continued.

  • Free throw shooting. The Sixers did an awesome job of getting to the line -- 52 times, but I'm not satisfied with making only 39 of those. You might say, "Come on man, 75% is pretty good," and it would've been if they shot better than 66% down the stretch (9 minutes and change). Missed free throws is what put the Sixers in the Devin Harris situation, so they should probably work on making 'em "when they count", as Shaq "Diesel" says.
  • Perimeter defense. The Knicks were 10-23 from beyond the arch. Why do we allow so many threes? Or does every team allow the same amount of threes? Teams are only shooting 36% against us on the season, which is 19th in the league, but it sure doesn't seem like that.

Individual performances

Iguodala was not Iguodala last night, but managed to make a big fadeaway jumper with 2:43 left. I'm not sure what was up with Iggy; he just seemed out of it. He couldn't dribble without fumbling the ball out of bounds or fumbling it to a Knick.

Miller was huge once again. It's hard to appreciate what he does for the team, because he does it nearly every night. It's amazing to see the oldest dude on the floor out-hustling every other player for loose balls. Not to mention, he make's big shot, after big free throw, after big pass throughout the game.

Thad was a stud, dropping 23 points and coming up with a huge rejection in the last couple minutes of the game. I'm still not pleased when we only get 3 rebounds out of our starting power forward. Someone needs to be in his ear saying, "Dude, we need you to crash the boards more often.

It has to be noted how well Sam played tonight. He was a defensive force, blocking or altering nearly every Knicks shot. He also owned the boards, grabbing 14. The Sixers were +11 with him on the court.


The Sixers will look to build on their two-game winning streak against Orlando on Saturday. Thank God the game's in Philadelphia, otherwise the Sixers probably wouldn't have a chance.