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Happy Monday: Miller trade rumors

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I hope everyone enjoyed their SuperBowl Sunday. I know I did. I refrained from watching, playing or even thinking about basketball. Now it's back to reality where the Sixers sit at 23-23 on the season. 

Like I said before, I'm putting the Nets game behind me and chalking it up as a bad game. The Sixers will face a tough test tomorrow when the Celtics come to town. Will the Sixers bounce back and play like they have been for the past few months? Or will they let that horrendous fourth quarter carry over? It will be a big test of character for a team many have labeled immature.

Now I am off to the eye doctor. I guess hours of video games haven't paid off. For the time being here's something to discuss. Cablinasian from Blazer's Edge has posted a FanPost regarding the Blazer's interest in Andre Miller. Don't look now, but here's another unnamed source.

A source with knowledge of the situation has told TKB that Portland is talking with Philadelphia about Andre Miller, who is apparently very available.

And this will inspire me to get on the trade machine later today.

The details of any possible deal are hazy but it appears that a third team may have to be involved.

I've been off the "trade Miller" bandwagon, but I'm open to anything, especially if it involves getting some of the Blazers young talent. Here's the problem.

So combining this with what Jason Quick reported about a potential deal with an Eastern Conference team sending Raef's contract and two bench players in the rotation for a point guard and a small forward, could there be a deal for Andre Miller with Thaddeus Young as the "sweetener"?

I can almost guarantee you that Miller and Young will not be traded for Raef Lafrentz and two bench players, and if they were Stefanski would officially reach Billy King status. Throw someone like Willie Green in that deal and I'm all ears.