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Nuggets at Sixers open thread 02/18/09

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Enemy: Pickaxe And Roll
Prediction: 99-89 Nuggets
7:00 PM est
Previous meetings: 105-101 L
Probable starters:
Andre Miller PG Chauncey Billups
Willie Green SG Dahntay Jones
Andre Iguodala SF Carmelo Anthony
Thaddeus Young PF Kenyon Martin
Sam Dalembert C Nene

The Nuggets are 35-14 since trading for Chauncey Billups. Wow! I was legitimately surprised when I saw that, along with their 36-17 record on the season. I had no idea the Nuggets were playing so well. They're currently the 2nd seed in the West! Wow. This definitely changes the way I think about tonight's matchup.

This will be the first time I see the Nuggets in action this year. The last time the Sixers played the Nuggets, I was out of town and was forced to read about the Sixers blown 17-point lead. Adding insult to injury, the Nuggets did it without Carmelo Anthony.

We all saw how rusty the Sixers came out in the first quarter of last night's game. Well tonight will be the first time the Nuggets take the court since the All-Star break. If they come out even remotely sluggish, the Sixers have to take full advantage, jump out to an early lead and get the crowd into the game.

After seeing how well the Nuggets have played this year, and that they currently sit in the 2 seed in the oh, so powerful Western Conference, a win tonight would be huge for the Sixers. This is the type of game that can ignite a 5-game winning streak; or a string of 7 out of 9. Those are just the types of streaks the Sixers are in need of right now. 4th seed or bust!

The good news is, the Nuggets are in the middle of the pact when it comes to three point shooting percentage. We all know that's the Sixers biggest weakness, but tonight Billups and J.R. Smith are the only two Philly is going to have to worry about. Both can get hot and drill six or seven threes on a given night, so they need to limit them to contested threes. Get a hand up!

And here are three bonus videos for you.

In the spirit of tonight's matchup, here's a video of Chauncey Billups and the Diesel trying to break the 'most free throws made in a minute while blind-folded' world record.

Speaking of Shaq, this gives me the chance to see this one more time.

Former Sixer, Kung-Fo Lou gets punched in the face.

I'm excited for the home game tonight, especially now that I figured out how to watch every game in HD.

7 p.m. eastern. Be here. HUGE game tonight.