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Bill Simmons's Proposed Sixers Trade

Update: This isn't a rumor. I didn't mean to say that. It's a "fake trade" that Bill Simmons threw together on ESPN's new trade machine. At the very least, it got me thinking.

I realize that I just said I don't want to see another Andre Miller trade rumor for the next three days, but I just heard an uber-intriguing one in Bill Simmons podcast. It's so off-the-wall, no way in hell happening, blockbuster, and outlandish that I had to share.

Check it out.

Like I said, this trade never, ever, ever happens. And if it does it probably destroys everything the Sixers have been building for the past few years. But what if it didn't? What if Baron and Camby could stay healthy? What if Elton came back at full strength and the Sixers added a shooter or two in the off-season?

What would this lineup be capable of?






Bench-Lou-Will, Speights, Shooter A, and Reggie Evans.

That's a pretty scary team. They'd either be the greatest team of all-time or a lottery team. But, wow would they be fun to watch.

Leave it to Bill Simmons to conjure up the most ridiculous, yet plausible trade.