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The Deadline

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We are now less than 72 hours away from the NBA Trade Deadline, and way back when, I used to be a big fan. Being the indecisive, fickle fan that I am, I was always down for my team to make a trade; even if it served little to no purpose. That same mentality has slightly tainted my already brilliant fantasy sports career, so I know from experience that making a trade just for trade's sake is not always the smartest thing.

Way back when the trade deadline was one of my favorite days in sports; right up there with NBA All-Star weekend and the NFL Draft. The excitement was through the roof as I sat in front of my TV watching ESPN's Trade Deadline Special. I waited for breaking news. I wondered who would be traded, and to whom. I honestly hadn't a clue what was going to happen next. That was before internet-based rumors and months of pre-deadline speculation. I've read literally hundreds of Sixers rumors over the past 90 days, and heck, I've even helped create some. People might say that all this speculation will increase the excitement for Thursday afternoon. My opinion differs. I think the deadline will be nothing but disappointment -- for fans of every team.

I've been following nearly every NBA blog on SBNation, and I've come to realize that fans of all 30 teams expect, or want their team to make some sort of trade at the deadline. Reality is, that's not going to happen. 

Of all the Sixers rumors I've read, not a one has become reality. How often does a trade rumor show up on the internet and turn out to be true? Not often. The Marion for O'Neal deal was an exception. That rumor was slightly different than the rest. I recall seeing a story on ESPN's front page about a month prior to it happening. By no means does that make anything true, but it pushes the truth-o-meter from 1 percent to about 50 percent. 

The latest is, a Sam Dalembert-for-Tyson Chandler swap, which has been discussed ad nauseum in the FanPosts. This rumor reportedly came from a Sixers "insider" on a message board. Apparently he has, or has had a friend who works with the Sixers. I've had many people tell me that he's correctly predicted Sixers trades in the past. My mentality is, I'll believe it when I see it, so take all this "insider information" with a grain of salt... for now. This is one of those "let's make a trade just for trade's sake" in my opinion.

Speaking of Dalembert, here's another rumor that I came across today. The trade mentioned is Sam Dalembert for Chris Wilcox and Joe Smith. Unlike the Chandler swap, this deal makes sense. Wilcox and Smith are both expiring contracts, meaning, when the off-season rolls around, the Sixers will no longer have Sammy D's contract on the books, nor will they have a contract similar (Tyson Chandler). Like all other rumors, I'm giving this a 1 percent chance of happening. I'm to the point where I'm completely tired of these rumors, but I feel they still need to be discussed.

Dalembert isn't the only Sixers name floating around. Andre Miller's name has been involved in trade rumors since he came to Philadelphia in exchange for A.I. We've been discussing a possible Miller trade for more than two years now, so I'll save you the pain of reading my latest opinion on the whole situation, partly because I'm 99% sure that he'll still be wearing a Sixers uniform on Friday morning. However; if he is miraculously moved, you better believe I'll have something to say about it. Until then, it's unnecessary to discuss. Can we just go three days without an Andre Miller rumor? Please. If you still feel the need to read about it, here's Kate Fagan's article.

Months of speculation, thousands of trade rumors, ESPN spending time and money to re-vamp their trade machine, and the deadline will likely come and with a whimper. The Sixers probably won't make a single move, and you know what, I'm completely fine with that. Then, we can put all the pointless speculation aside (at least for a couple months), and concentrate on the task at hand -- the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs.