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Grizzles at Sixers open thread 02/11/09

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Enemy: 3 Shades of Blue
Prediction: 96-83 Sixers
7:05 PM est
Previous meetings: none
Probable starters:
Mike Conley PG Andre Miller
O.J. Mayo SG Willie Green
Quinton Ross SF Andre Iguodala
Hakim Warrick PF Thaddeus Young
Marc Gasol C Samuel Dalembert

For once, I don't have too much to say about a game. Just joking. I just looked at the Grizzles schedule and it's a little odd. After going 1-13 in January, they've started the month of February with 4 wins and only 1 loss. There's no way they're as good as their 4-1 record right?

They're four wins have come against a Raptors team without Bosh, a completely healthy Rockets team, a sucky Wizards team and a Hornets with a starting lineup of Antonio Daniels, Rasual Butler, Peja Stojakovic, Ryan Bowen and Sean Marks. Me and 4 of you could've beaten that Hornets team, but as I always say with the Sixers, "a win's a win."

How are they doing it? The answer is very simple. O.J. Mayo. He's been ballin' his brains out as of late, especially since my least favorite player of all-time, Rudy Gay, has been on the shelf. O.J. is a stud, no doubt about it, but I'm pretty confident we have a guy who will have something to say before it's all said and done.

Tony DiLeo, please don't waste Andre Iguodala's defensive skills on Quinton Ross. Throw him on O.J. Mayo and it's game over. Shut O.J. down, shut the Grizzles down.

Here's some more great news. The Grizzles are third worst in the NBA in 3P%. The Sixers biggest weakness is defending the 3-ball. Problem solved. The Grizzles are a great matchup for the Sixers, as is any team who doesn't shoot well from beyond the arch. Not to mention that they are going to try and run with the Sixers. Most teams who attempt to run with Andre Iguodala and company get left in the dust.

Unfortunately I think this game is going to be a yawner. I'm excited to finally see O.J. Mayo in action. I'm also interested in Pau's little brother, Marc. Other than that, the most exciting thing will be whether or not tonight is the night a Sixers finally drops 30. Boring games like this need a little excitement. Depending on how many people are here for the game thread we'll have to think of another "Andre Iguodala Rule."

I really hope the Sixers don't have a letdown going into the All-Star break. Losing this game would be HUGE. The Grizzles suck. They are without arguably their best player, and the game is in Philadelphia. If all else fails, DiLeo needs to throw Mo Speights in there and let him drop 50 on Gasol and Darko.

Rooting Guide:

7:05 eastern. Be here.

Oh yeah, and I tried to fit this video into the preview, but couldn't find a way.