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Sixers lose 11th straight

Box Score

I'd be lying if I said I was disappointed the Sixers lost their 11th straight game. At this point, we have to look at the pros and cons of winning games.


  • Make the playoffs and get knocked out in the first round, again!
  • Less ping pong balls.
  • Eddie Jordan never gets fired. 
  • False hope that this team can win a championship.
  • A slim chance that Dalembert, Brand and/or Green are traded. 
  • Mediocrity forever.
I'm not abandoning the team by any means. I'll still watch the games and look for development of the young guys. I'll still watch the games and marvel at Andre Iguodala's athleticism. And I'll still watch the games, with hope that a change is near. Whether that change happens with the owner, general manager, head coach, or any of the players, quite frankly, is fine with me. Until that change happens, I'll be rooting for ping pong balls.

Some people might argue that rooting against your team is a cardinal sin in sports. I agree. I'm not rooting against the Sixers. I'm rooting for a better future. The ultimate goal is to win a championship, and winning 38 games a year for an entire decade does nothing towards that goal. Plus, it's really hard to root for a team when I know the end result of winning (this season) is, more Eddie Jordan. Yuck.

Player of the game: Samuel Dalembert

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