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Allen Iverson: The difference maker

Updated [7:48]: I originally excluded 9 games that AI missed with injury in 06-07. Mistake has been corrected.

I know a lot of Sixers fans believe Allen Iverson is the savior. They have a false hope that a 34-year old Iverson will come in, fix the defense, fix the rebounding, and fix the coach. I've seen arguments for Iverson, and I've seen arguments against Iverson, but this should give you a definitive answer on whether he'll fix the Sixers.

I could sit here and write why Iverson won't fix the team until I'm blue in the face. Instead I'll give you one stat -- the only stat that matters -- wins and losses.

In the past four seasons, here is the record of the Sixers, Nuggets, Pistons and Grizzlies when Iverson plays.


Here is the record of those same teams without Iverson:


Correction: (The 06-07 Nuggets went 5-4 when Iverson was injured changing the "record without" from 130-104 to 135-108.)

If that doesn't convince you, I don't know what will. Four different seasons, four different teams, four different coaches, four different systems. Iverson has been detrimental to them all.

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