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15 games under .500 means Championship

Against an average Utah team, we got riggidy-rocked.  Hanging in there down 8 going into the 4th, our boys couldn't muster a point the first 8 minutes of the final quarter, the Jazz going on a 14-0 run.  Since the game was on CN8, I couldn't watch, so I can't comment on any sort of aesthetic qualities to this particular game, but I can sure as hell ballpark how we looked getting spanked by 21.

In what must be a very odd anomaly, Thaddeus Young was the only Sixer with a positive +/-, going plus 10 in over 32 minutes of work.  That means in the 15 or so minutes that Thad was on the bench, the Sixers were outscored by 31 points.  Holy Macaulay Culkin that's quite a deficit. 

Some random notes:

  • We got ZERO points from the center spot (counting Elton as a PF).  Speights, Dalembert and Smith combined for 37 minutes of scoreless basketball.  That's not how you win ballgames. 
  • Shot 33% from the field, outrebounded by 10. 
  • Another Dalembert tidbit -- 16 minutes played, 5 fouls.  Heck of a ratio, Sam.
  • Deron Williams tore us up.
  • After winning the first game of JSams' sabbatical, we've lost 3 in a row.
  • Primoz Brezec had his 5th straight DNPCD.  If you're looking for a savior, PB's your man.
  • At least we get to watch Portland play on Monday. 

Can't wait for the lottery.

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