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A "Liberty Ballers Festivus"

Cosmo Kramer fights for his right to celebrate new holidays (and party i guess).
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Cosmo Kramer fights for his right to celebrate new holidays (and party i guess). via

So it's that wonderful time of the year again. No not time to break out the tree or the menorah; but rather the time to get that old aluminum pole out of the closet and celebrate the wonderful phenomenon that is the Festivus for the rest of us.

Please view if you need a history lesson on how the holiday was born and the traditions that come along with it.

The Airing of Grievances:

Senor Eddie Jordan is the obvious and logical choice as the target of what the kids would call the "AOG's" this year. As we all know there are several problems with this man and his coaching style so I'm saying everybody choose what their biggest problem is with EJ and post in the comments as your very own AOG (or your biggest problem with the team so far if it is not little Eddie). My personal biggest problem with this, and I use the term lightly, coach is his hatred of the word defense. The Sixers are currently the worst in the NBA when it comes to opponent's 3P% and second to last in Defensive Rating according to All this coming from a team who was one year removed from being 14th in defensive rating and allowing threes at 36% (which is still not very good but nowhere near as bad as the 42% they are allowing this season) with very little change in player personnel (slow Andre Miller being the biggest one).

The Feats of Strength:

In the legend of Festivus, the holiday is not over until a chosen one pins the founder; the almighty Frank Costanza. In good spirits of tradition, the Liberty Ballers Festivus will not end until somebody pins our founder; the almighty jsams. The only question is, who is the chosen one that will wrestle him. Only YOU can decide (sweet tagline!).

Happy Festivus to all and make sure to donate a check to the Human Fund: Money for People.

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