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Sixers lose 8th straight

Box Score

There are two reasons the Sixers lost: no defense and poor rebounding. These have been recurring problems all... season... long. And it's all Eddie Jordan's fault. The Sixers were average-to-good in each area last season, and they have all the same players. The only difference? Eddie Jordan. Unless a small miracle happens, and EJ realizes what he's doing wrong, or gets fired, the Sixers are going to finish as one of the five worst teams in the NBA.

I hate to break it to you, but Allen Iverson will not help either the defense or the rebounding. In fact, he will make both even worse, if that's possible. 

On the bright side, Thad killed it on offense, and really looks like he's starting to become a legit scorer. However; he still can't do anything else. 

The other young stud, Jrue Holiday, also played a solid game on both ends. He limited dribble penetration for the most part and held Russ Westbrook to 1-11 shooting. Yes, Westbrook did have 15 assists, but a lot of them were results of other Sixers not guarding their guys, not Russ creating for his teammates. Sadly, Jrue is headed bench when "The Answer" arrives. 

Thankfully, we'll continue to look ahead to the draft. Only 203 days away!

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