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Alexander Iverson is back


According to ESPN, Iverson has accepted the Sixers offer and will make his debut on Monday.

This has been inevitable since the Stephen A. Smith BROKE THE NEWS! We all called Stefasnki's bluff when he continued to spoon-feed Sixers Nation a bunch of BS.

"Oh, we don't know if we want Iverson yet."

"We're totally non-committal."

"We have no plans to pursue Iverson."

All a bunch of BS, and we knew better. Good for us.

Now to the basketball side of things, Iverson is going to score 20 PPG until Lou Williams returns. Count on it. Fans everywhere are going to scream "he is back!". He is back alright. If by "back" you mean, being a ball-hog, stunting the growth of the young core, playing ZERO defense, and scoring just enough to make the Sixers a mediocre team who loses in the first round, then yeah, HE'S BACK!

Prove me wrong Allen. 40 year-old Brett Favre sure did. He's about to win an NFL MVP and a Super Bowl. Why can't 34 year-old Allen Iverson do the same thing?

But until I'm proven wrong, I will continue to believe that this is a crippling move for a franchise already in shambles, and all the "excitement" will be out the window when the team continues to lose. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Allen Iverson!

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