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Quick Update


  • I'm a couple hours away from boarding a flright to Boston for the Holidays. TAFKA Mike Bourn will be filling in for me while I'm gone. Be nice.
  • I'll be joining Derrick Bodner and Brian from Depressed Fan on their radio show tonight. Go here to listen. It's scheduled from 8-9 eastern. If you can't listen live, I'm told the recording will be posted on that same website later this evening. That way you can listen to it while you work, on the treadmill, or my personal favorite, during a steamy love session with your wife. Cause what's better than hearing my voice in the background during any of these situations? Hearing Derrick's and Brian's voices too. Do it.
  • I'll be at the game tomorrow night. It'll be my first pro NBA experience not counting the summer league or pre-season. I'll post at least one picture via twitter.
  • Feel free to e-mail me your apologies when the Cowboys upset the Saints on Saturday night.
  • Most importantly, have a super Christmas and I'll see you -- virtually anyway -- when I get back.

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