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Sixers losing streak reaches 12

Box Score

The Sixers continue to find ways to lose. Tonight, they dominated the Rockets during the first quarter en route to a 17-point lead, only to see it disappear by halftime. They hung in there until the very end, but were eventually handed their 12th straight loss by a better team. 

  • Eddie Jordan's rotations are getting a little better -- not perfect -- but better. He tried to have two rebounders on the floor at all times and it was reflected in the numbers.
  • Elton Brand did well tonight. I refuse to say he "looked good", because numbers or not, he still doesn't look right to me, and it resulted in some awkward, ugly basketball. 
  • A.I. was A.I.
  • My love/hate relationship with Andre Iguodala's jumper is currently lukewarm.
  • Thaddeus Young crashed the boards and boxed out like a man possessed tonight -- the biggest positive of the night.
  • Iverson is clearly the cream to Sammy D's coffee. Either that, or he promises him a Speed Racer action figure for every rebound and block he gets. He's been killin' it since Iverson's return!
  • Billy Bob Green actually contributed on the glass and in the passing game tonight. Shocking, I know. Go ahead and re-read that sentence a couple times, because it took me approximately 4 and a half minutes to type. My fingers reacted to the keyboard like Fletcher Reede reacts to a blue pen. Unfortunately, Green still thinks defense consists of letting your guy score; he also took bad shots. Same stuff, different game. 
  • What color should I get my John Wall jersey in? Red or White?

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