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Poll: Why are you a Sixers fan?

The Sixers suck. It's simple. There are exactly two ways they can go from here:

  1. Go on a run, finish 41-41 and get eliminated in the first round.
  2. Finish with the fifth worst record in the NBA and draft yet another good, not great, player.
The ownership is awful. The general manager is awful. The coach is awful. The roster has some good pieces, but that doesn't matter because the rest of the organization is holding them back. Honestly, unless a major shake-up happens over the next year or two that includes at least two of these changes: a new, competent coach, a new, competent GM, or new, competent ownership, Webster will officially change its definition of mediocre to: Philadelphia 76ers.

Mediocre doesn't cut it in sports. No one remembers the teams who were "almost" good enough to win a playoff series. That's what the Sixers have become, and will continue to be, as far as I'm concerned.

So here's my question. No one is forcing you to be a sports fan, and no one is forcing you to remain a Sixers fan. 50 percent of the fun in sports is sticking with your team through thick and thin, and feeling like you were part of an eventual turnaround. But sometimes, a turnaround never happens. In order to change a franchise's fortunes, good ownership and management is necessary. The Sixers don't have that. So why do you stick around?

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