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Sixers win. Just kidding.

Box Score

Boy, Dallas teams own Philly teams. Wink.

The Sixers played a surprisingly competitive game in Dallas tonight, but ended up dropping their seventh straight game. The final minute could not have summed up the Andre Iguodala-Sammy Dalembert era any better. Here's how it went down:

Play 1: Andre Iguodala has a chance to tie the game, pulls up for a stupid jumper, shoots an airball, and acts like it's somebody else's fault.

Play 2: Then the Sixers foul Jason Kidd, he makes one of two free throws, Sammy grabs the rebound, and the Sixers call a timeout.

Play 3: Out of the timeout Andre drills a three to tie the game, and acts like he's the baddest dude in the NBA.

5 seconds remaining.

Play 4: The Mavs inbound to JET Terry and the curse of game-winners struck yet again, as JT hit a fadeaway J with 1.4 seconds left.

Final play: Thad inbounds the ball to Iguodala, he shoots an off-balanced three to take the lead, and according to Kate Fagan, Sammy D thought it was an alley-oop. So, the obvious thing to do was offensive goal-tend, and prevent any chance of the shot going in. Andre Iguodala responds with: " I was shooting, Sam ..."

For the record, I don't think Iguodala's shot was going in, and I hated all three of his shots down the stretch, but still, not a smart play by Samuel Dalembert. And it's a shame, because it's going to take away from Sam Dalembert's best game of the season: 6 points, 19 boards, 3 blocks, 3 steals. 

  • Elton Brand killed it tonight. He looked very vintage, dropping 21-10 off the bench. He had three great games, then a stinker in Washington and everyone said, "See, those 3 games were a fluke." Wrong. He's about as back as he's ever going to be. And he looks pretty good to me. 
  • I hate to say it, but with Lou-Will out, Bill Green is one of the Sixers' best scoring options. He carried the team for stretches tonight.
  • I could say this after every game, and probably will. Andre, stop taking jumpers!!!

It was a good effort by the Sixers, but like we say with wins, a loss is a loss, and bad teams find ways to lose games. The Sixers aren't a good team, although, I see some signs of a turnaround. They'll be just good enough to barely miss the playoffs or get eliminated in the first round, like the have the past couple years. Joy! Look on the bright side, at least Allen Iverson is coming back.

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