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Guess who's back?

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Big ups to Mike Bourn for filling in for me while I was in Dallas, but now I'm back, and I've missed my Sixers. Tonight I'll finally get a look at the team and the sexy new court. Unfortunately, the Sixers host the Celtics. I've been completely out of the loop for the past four days, but I did get catch the Celtics/Bulls game in my hotel room, and boy, do they look good. Since I haven't seen the Sixers play in a week, I want you guys to answer a couple questions for me so I can go into tonight's match-up with a little background.

  1. Has the perimeter defense been the same, better, or worse than last year?
  2. Has Marreese Speights played any defense to go along with nasty numbers?
  3. Have Andre Iguodala and Lou Williams played as well as their box scores?
  4. How has Jrue Holiday looked?
  5. Does Elton Brand look halfway decent?
  6. First impressions of Eddie Jordan?
I'm super stoked to finally see some Sixers basketball, and this excerpt makes me want to see how much my boy Lou Williams is maturing as a player and a person.

'I just concentrate on my turnovers, I'm not really worried about anything else,' [Lou Williams] said, following yesterday's practice. His concentration on not throwing the ball away has been rock solid. In his 106 minutes of play, he has just two giveaways and has dealt 15 assists. 'He's been good, man,' Eddie Jordan said. 'It's my responsibility that everything works. It's not on him. It's equal distribution of the ball, equal responsibility to run the offense by the guards. He's going out there with a great attitude; I like that. He's keeping us organized a lot more than I thought he would.' Said forward Elton Brand: 'I think that the offense bodes well to his style. It helps him get open shots, flash to the rim, help him finish because he is so athletic. I knew for a while that he would flourish in the offense.' "

I think Lou is a perfect fit for this team and this system. I can't wait to see him in action. Too bad he's going to be playing against the best defense in the league. Tonight's a big litmus test for Lou and the Sixers, but anything is possible!

Now I'll leave you with my view from the Cowboys game.


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