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Grizzles beat Sixers

Box Score

  • Lou Williams was great on offense tonight. There's no denying his skillz. However; he made a few costly mistakes down the stretch. One was a terrible pass on a 3-on-1 fast break and the other was allowing Mike Conely to blow right by him, killing the Sixers momentum in the process. I don't expect anyone to play perfect, and I'm not going to kill Lou for his two mistakes; I just wanted to point them out. Overall, he was a beast. 
  • Andre Iguodala's jump shot has definitely improved over the summer, but I felt like he was taking too many this season. I looked at the numbers and 68% of his shots are jumpers as opposed to 64% last year. That surprised me. I expected a much larger discrepancy. That said, his jumpshot was not falling tonight, and his shot selection was very poor down the stretch. Elton Brand was doing his thing. Lou Williams was having the game of his life. Yet Andre took it upon himself to take contested jumpers. Just because he thinks he's the best player on the team -- and he is -- he doesn't need to summon his inner-Kobe every time his team needs a bucket. He's not, and never will be, a go-to offensive player.
  • Elton Brand followed up his best game of the season with another good one. I'm still not ready to acknowledge him as the Elton of old, but he's getting close. The biggest difference I've seen in these past two games is his confidence -- in him body and in his game. The numbers speak for themselves: 22 points, 6 boards, 4 steals and 4 blocks.  
  • Rodney Carney is developing into a solid role payer. He's learning to play within himself, and his defense was outstanding tonight until... he failed to rotate defensively at the end, allowing Rudy Gay to hit the dagger. 
  • Thaddeus Young is back in his slump. Is he:  A) Simply in an extended slump? B) Too young? C) Being used incorrectly? D) Highly overrated? 
  • Now to everyone's favorite topic, Jrue Holiday's pyche. Eddie Jordan finally played Jrue. Good for him. But he's still completely botching the whole situation. Here's why: Jrue played 4 minutes tonight, and during those 4 minutes he managed to do his best Bill Green impression by taking 5 terrible shots. What I saw from Jrue tonight was a kid trying to do as much as he possibly could in 4 minutes knowing, after he makes one mistake or 5 minutes have gone by -- whichever comes first -- he's done for the night. This is a horrible mindset to have and completely affected the way he played. If Eddie is going to play him 4 minutes every other night, he might as well just leave him on the bench. How can any development happen in 4 minutes? Especially if it's a "one mistake and you're gone" type deal?
  • Overall, it's hard to get too upset over tonight's loss. As Sixers fans, we should do ourselves a favor and lower expectations tremendously -- at least for the time being. Until the Sixers show any signs of life, I expect games and losses like tonight. Remember, we were just as bad last year and it took until January to officially turn the corner. This was the turning point, and until this season's turning point comes, just enjoy the games as much as you can. 
Player of the game: Lou Williams & Elton Brand

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