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Sixers complete comeback; defeat Nets 93-92

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Box Score

--After an awful game in which he shot 1-13 from the floor and turned the ball over five times, Andre Iguodala drilled the game-tying shot as he was fouled and made the go-ahead free throw with 16 seconds left. I know this is pre-season, but if you're clutch, you're clutch, and this assures us that Andre Iguodala's stretch of big shots last season was no fluke.

--An interesting story developed late in this game. Eddie Jordan decided to go with a lineup of Lou, Andre, Thad, Brand and Speights to finish the comeback. Yes, Sam and Kapono were subbed in and out occasionally for offense/defense, but the starters + Speights played most of the final 5-6 minutes. Why is this an interesting story? Because Sam is the starter, we've been reading great things about him this pre-season, and he's notorious for complaining about playing time. It's also interesting because Speights is obviously a better fit for Eddie Jordan's Princeton Offense. I still prefer Sam as the starter because of his defense and rebounding, but Eddie Jordan doesn't care what I prefer. It's not anything to go crazy about after a meaningless pre-season game -- just something to keep an eye on.

--Immediately after the Sixers took the lead on Iguodala's free throw, Chris Douglas Roberts made a floater to snatch the lead right back. Elton Brand then answered with a fadeaway with 7 seconds remaining, which turned out to be the game-winner. 

--Jrue Holiday only played 7 minutes tonight. He wasn't bad, and he wasn't good, but to be fair, it's hard to be either in only 7 minutes of action.

--I don't know if the Sixers poor shooting is because they're still learning the Princeton Offense or because they still can't shoot. Whatever it is, needs to be fixed.

--Before Jordan put the starters in to complete the comeback, the guys most responsible for getting the Sixers back in the game were Bill Green, Jason Kapono and Marreese Speights.