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High/Low Expectations: Thaddeus Young

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Thaddeus Young #21 SG/SF/PF

Best case: Thaddeus builds on the stellar March he had last season. Before he injured his ankle Thad was becoming the Sixers biggest offensive weapon, averaging more than 20 points per game on 55 percent from the floor. He had the full arsenal working: fast break-points, baby hook shots, three-pointers, and points off offensive rebounds. He returned from his injury in the playoffs, but didn't re-gain his late-season form in time to bust it out against Dwight Howard and the Magic. If Thaddeus has worked on his ball handling and jumper like I think he has, this should be a big year for him.

Best case stats: 20 points on 55% shooting, 5 rebounds, and less than 2 turnovers.

Worst case: Thaddeus gets lost in the shuffle of the offense, among all of the other scoring options, and fails to find other ways to contribute *cough* rebounding. I have a sinking feeling that Thad might never amount to anything more than a Rudy Gay clone -- a high-volume shooter who doesn't get to the free throw line or rebound worth a damn.

Worst case stats: 13 points on 46% shooting, 2 rebounds, and more than 2 turnovers.

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