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High/Low Expectations: Rodney Carney

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Rodney Carney #25 SG/SF

Best case: Rodney's athleticism and hustle win over the coaching staff, leading to a decrease in minutes for Bill Green. Along with being a defensive force off the bench, Rodney was a sneaky good shooter in his last 30 games with the Sixers. He shot 38 percent from beyond the arch, which would've ranked him just behind Donny-Ice as the Sixers best three-point shooter one year ago. He continued his success with the Wolves by shooting 35 percent from beyond the arch, which again, would've ranked him second on the 08-09 Sixers team.

Best case stats: 20 minutes, 38% from beyond the arch, tenacious defense and hustle.

Worst case: Rodney reverts back to looking completely lost on the offensive end, shoots poorly and leaves Eddie Jordan with no other choice but to split his minutes with Bill Green. Or his recent hamstring injury nags him all season (which hamstrings have been known to do).

Worst case stats: 10 minutes, 31% from beyond the arch

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