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Pre-Season: Game 1

We're less than three hours away from catching our first glimpse of our Philadelphia 76ers in live game-action. Since pre-season wins and losses are no indication of whether either team is good or not (See: 2008 Detroit Lions), tonight's game will be more about individual performances than the outcome. Here are a couple of things to keep an eye on:

  1. The Princeton Offense: how much has Eddie implemented? Do the players look comfortable with what they've learned thus far? How much better will our offensive sets look as opposed to last year -- if any? Will it affect the Sixers fast break-machine?
  2. Lou Williams as the starting point guard: Has his shot improved? How much are we going to miss Andre Miller
  3. Who's going to run the offense the majority of the time? Lou Williams, Andre Iguodala or a mix of everyone?
  4. How explosive is Elton Brand? Is he 100% healthy this time around?
  5. Jrue Holiday -- everything from playing time to defense.
  6. Does Jason Smith look fully recovered? Is he even better than he was before?
  7. How will our team look with a legitimate three-point threat on the floor? (Jason Kapono)
  8. Is Jason Kapono's defense really that bad?
  9. Has Andre Iguodala's shot improved?
  10. Is Marreese Speights going to play defense, rebound, and refrain from taking 20-footers every time he touches the ball?
These are the 10 things I'll be monitoring throughout the game. Besides the new jerseys (yay), what are you looking forward to seeing most? 

Don't forget to check back around game-time to join the live thread.

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