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High/Low Expectations: Jason Kapono

Jason has a chance to be my favorite number 72 of all time.
Jason has a chance to be my favorite number 72 of all time.

Jason Kapono #72 SG/SF

Best case: Jason Kapono regains his 2006-2007 form where he shot 51, yes, 51 percent from beyond the arch. Jason's team won the NBA finals that season. The Sixers won't necessarily win the championship if Kapono shoots 51 percent from three, but odds are they will at least make it past the first round. There's no telling what his ability to stretch the floor will do for the likes of Andre, Thad and Elton. One thing is for sure; when Kapono is on the floor, the Sixers will have a legitimate technical foul shooter -- something they've been missing since Korver.

Best case stats: 10 points, 50% from the field, 50% from three, 90% from the line.

Worst case: Kapono's percentages continue to decrease as they have in the previous three seasons, he absolutely cripples the defense while he's on the floor, and takes on the "Kareem Rush role" as the player who was supposed to stretch the defense and rain in threes when called upon, but sits on the end of the bench and shows absolutely no emotion instead.

Worst case stats: 5 points, 43% from the field, 39% from three, 80% from the line.

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