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Win, I guess.

Completely dominating offensive first half, atrocious fourth quarter, superior overtime.  Frankly, an embarrassing game.  The fact that we won is cool, sure, but the Knicks may be the worst team in the league and we let them score 41 points in the 4th.  Unacceptable. 

Perimeter defense was disgusting.  Gallinari was 8-16 on his own, and they hit 14 three's as a team.  Our guys weren't getting out there quickly enough or recovering well from double teams that didn't need to be made.  OT defense was alright, only giving up 5 points. 

Dalembert was a non-factor, fouling out after only 18 minutes. 

Really impressed with Louis Williams on the offensive end tonight.  27, 10, and 7 with great (not maintainable) percentages across the board.  We shot 61% from the field and 86% from the line as a team.  The offense was there, especially in the first half and overtime.  It's the defense that needs a ton of work.  And the rotations, as Holiday and Smith got DNPCDs. Kapono being in the game at a crucial point should be a felony.  He has no business out there when he has to play defense. 

Elton Brand was +35 when he was out there, Lou was +23.  The starters did their part, it's once Eddie goes to the bench that we have breakdowns.  Speights was 20 and 10 on a good shooting night.  Iguodala filled it up with 32 points and some tremendous jump shooting.  As John said, we love when he has games like this. 

Due to the tremendous Phils-related depression punching me in the face, this is all for the recap.  This game felt like a loss, but cheers for a win.  2-1, next game Tuesday against Boston.  We're a team with talented players, but not a good team.  Don't get it twisted.

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