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High/Low expectations: Andre Iguodala

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Andre Iguodala #9 SG/SF

Best case: For the second straight season, rumor has it that Andre has been working on his jumper all summer long. Only this season, it better not take a month to manifest itself. Last November, not only did Iguodala's shot make the rumors look completely false, but it actually looked like he hadn't practiced at all. He improved as the games went on season, but he still didn't validate all the "Iguodala's shot looks great" rumors coming out of Sixers camp. Sure enough, I heard the same exact rumors this summer, and sure enough I believe them again. My gut tells me he's going to come out scotching hot. Other than his jumper, all Andre needs to work on is his free throw percentage, because 72 percent won't cut it anymore.

Best case stats: 20 points on 48% shooting, 6 rebounds, 6 assists, 80% from the line.

Worst case: I'm having a tough time coming up with a worst case scenario for Andre. If he doesn't improve one bit, the 2008-2009 Andre Iguodala will do just fine, and I don't see any way he regresses because he's been consistent since Iverson left. Sure we'd all like him to improve, but it's not all that bad if he doesn't. So, worst case for Andre: he fails to improve and/or doesn't fit in the Princeton Offense.

Worst case stats: 15 points on 45% shooting, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, 72% or lower from the line.

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