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High/Low Expectations: Bill Green

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Bill Green #33 SG

Best case: If you asked 10 Sixers fans what the best case scenario for Bill Green would be, half of them would tell you 82 DNP-CD's, and the other half would tell you a couple hot shooting streaks off the bench. I think the best case scenario for Bill would be for him to play about 8 minutes of backup point guard until Jrue gets comfortable and go from there. Green is not a terrible of a defender, he can get on hot streaks, and carry the offense for a couple minutes. Was he the worst starter in the NBA last season? Probably, but that doesn't mean he can't still contribute.

Best case stats: 8 minutes or less, 43% shooting.

Worst case: Bill Green puts his magical spell on Eddie Jordan -- the same spell which forced Mo Cheeks and Tony DiLeo to play him an unacceptable amount of minutes. Green has something about him where coaches sacrifice their jobs just to make sure he's happy. Here's to hoping Jordan isn't effected.

Worst case stats: More than 15 minutes, and/ or less than 40% shooting.

P.S. To show how important Bill is to the team, I think he's the only Sixer who doesn't have a picture of him in the new uniforms up on the internet. Even Primoz Brezec has one.

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