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High/Low Expectations: SAM BAM Dalembert

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Samuel Dalembert #1 C

Best case: Sam embraces his role as paint protector, sucks down rebounds like the Hoover U5468-900 WindTunnel Supreme Bagged Upright Vacuum, blocks 2+ shots a game, limits his goal-tends, fouls, and fadeaway jumpers. I know how difficult it can be to watch Sam's bonehead plays night in and night out, but if he can hold it together I think he benefits the team's rebounding and defense more than he hurts the offense. Sam quietly has a nice jump-shot; he just gets carried away with them sometimes.

Best case stats: 11 points, 11 rebounds, 2+ blocks.

Worst case: Sam shoots the ball too much, complains about his role in the offense, fouls too much, goal-tends too much, turns the ball over too much, and rides the bench during crunch time on a regular basis. Now, some might argue that benching Sam would benefit the team, but it would still be the worst case for