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High/Low Expectations: Royal Ivey

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Royal Ivey #12 PG

Best case: Royal's situation is a tough one. His biggest strength is defense. The problem is, he doesn't bring much else to the table, and there is another point guard who's speciality is defense -- Jrue Holiday. Jrue is younger, has much more potential, is probably a better defender and all-around basketball player. However; Royal possesses something that Jrue doesn't have yet, and that's experience. In order for Royal to have a positive impact on this year's Sixers, he's going to have to play really good D while he's in the game and push Jrue for some minutes. I think the best way for rookies to improve is to be pushed by teammates, and there's no better way to push someone than through competition.

Best case stats: 10 or less minutes, above average defense, and the occasional three-pointer.

Worst case: Royal plays worse than he did last year and/or plays more than 15 minutes per game. Him playing 15 or more minutes would indicate either A) an injury or B) Jrue or Lou completely suck. Neither of which would be good news for the Sixers and their chances.

Worst case stats: 15 or more minutes, average defense, 33% from the floor.

Actual prediction: 8 minutes, 2 points on 40%, 0.5 steals

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