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Philadelphia 76ers: 10 Predictions

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My official preview for the annual blogger preview series comes out Sunday, but today I'm going to give you 10 random predictions that didn't make the cut.

  1. The Sixers will have their first all-star since Allen Iverson.
  2. Jason Smith will be the most productive big man off the bench.
  3. Elton Brand will silence the critics who think he's a "bust" and that the team is better off without him.
  4. Marreese Speights will take a step backward this season.
  5. Rodney Carney will be the most productive wingman off the bench.
  6. Bill Green, yes Bill Green, will give the Sixers 10-15 solid minutes off the bench.
  7. Eddie Jordan will upset a lot of fans of by not playing Jrue Holiday enough.
  8. Samuel Dalembert will have the best year of his life.
  9. Jason Kapono will shoot a career-low percentage from beyond the arch.
  10. No player will average more than 20 points per game.

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