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High/Low Expectations: Jason Smith

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Jason Smith PF/C #14

Best case: Jason returns from his injury better than ever, plays a solid backup center/power forward, and the "Birdman role" for the Sixers this season. When Smith shakes off the rust I envision him being a much like Chris Anderson was for the Nuggets last season -- only with less tattoos, and a better jump shot. I really like what Jason brings to the table: shot blocking, energy, and the ability to stretch the defense. His impact won't necessarily show up in the box score, but he'll be a nice addition to the Sixers bench. However; I don't expect his knee to be fully recovered until December or January.

Best case stats: 20 minutes, 7 points on 50% shooting, 4 rebounds, and 1 block.

Worst case: Jason remains rusty for the entire season and hurts the team more than he helps. He's been less than impressive in the pre-season, and looks a timid. Because of the type of player Jason is, he needs all the explosiveness he can get. He'll make little, to no impact if his knee is not right.

Worst case stats: 5 minutes, 1 point on 44% shooting, less than 1 rebound, and less than 1 block.

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