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High/Low Expectations: Elton Brand

Elton Brand #42 PF

Best case: Elton regains 90 percent of the explosiveness he had in Los Angeles (maybe the similar-looking uniforms will help), plays good defense, rebounds, and simply "fits in". The newly installed Princeton Offense is not centered on any specific scorer, so Elton's going to have to get his within the offense. Last week I showed you why Elton is so important to this team, and it's not because of his offense. His defense and rebounding are key.

Best case stats: 20 points on 55% shooting, 11 rebounds and 2 blocks.

Worst case: We come to the painful realization that Elton will never be the same after consecutive season-ending injuries. He settles for fadeaway jumpers, struggles offensively versus taller, longer defenders, and cannot stay healthy for 72+ games. Fortunately, I still believe Elton will help the defense and rebounding tremendously ,regardless of his offensive numbers.

Worst case stats: 15 points on 45% shooting, 9 rebounds and 1 block.

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