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Bobcats at Sixers open thread 01/09/09




13-23 15-20
Enemy: Umm any Bobcats blogs out there?
Prediction: 104-87 Sixers
7:05 PM est
TV: Comcast SportsNet
Previous meetings: 93-84 L
Probable starters:
Ray Felton PG Andre Miller
Matt Carroll SG Willie Green
Gerald Wallace SF Andre Iguodala
Boris Diaw PF Thaddeus Young
Emeka Okafor C Samuel Dalembert

Until it was brought to my attention yesterday, I had completely forgotten that we had already played the Bobcats once this season, and we lost! How in the world did we lose to the Bobcats?! Shooting 39% didn't help, but that was then and this is now, and I'm completely confident that we'll get our sweet revenge tonight. Here's why:

In the last meeting we were still trying to figure out the whole "Brand thing". How was he going to fit? How were Iggy and himself going to mix? And Sammy? Well, on that night, both Iggy and Brand played well, but everyone else completely sucked. Andre Miller was still recovering from his annual off-season vacation where he uses the first part of the season to get into shape rather than the summer. D.J. Augustin and Ray Felton (who I was playing against in fantasy at the time) combined to shoot 16-22 from the floor, 4-5 from downtown, 12-15 from the line, grabbed 12 rebounds, recorded 16 assists and two steals. I think it's safe to say that won't be happening tonight--none of those things. Andre Iguodala and Brand won't play well together, because Brand is still on the shelf. (Iggy however; will finally be the first Sixer player to drop 30+ points tonight. I'm calling it.) Andre Miller will not play like he did in the first game. He's been on fire as of late. And Felton and Augustin will not combine for absurd numbers like that again. And it's not like Tony DiLeo is a coaching God or anything, but he's not Mo Cheeks either, and that's who coached Philly in the loss to the B-Cats.

In the past two games, I've predicted Sixer victories and I've been right both times, so tonight I'm predicting three in a row. We're at home. The Bobcats are one of the few NBA teams who are actually worse than us. Both Andre's have been on fire lately. And...we're just going to win alright. If we win and Iggy becomes 2008-2009's first 30-point scorer, like I predicted earlier, I'm giving myself a huge pat on the back, so be prepared.

A couple random things to watch for are:

-We haven't had a blowout win by eight or more points since Brand went down. Look for tonight to be that blowout.

-Boris Diaw is averaging 15-7-5 since being traded to Charlotte. He's also shooting 48% from beyond the arch. If there's one player on Charlotte that could eff up mine, yours and the Sixers Friday night, it's going to be Boris Diaw. Plus I'm still bitter that I missed out on him in fantasy.

7 p.m. Eastern time. Be here and happy Slap @$$ Friday!

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