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Sixers find a way to beat the Bucks.

Box Score

Brew Hoop

The Sixers really had no business winning this game, but they did. It wasn't pretty. It was actually pretty ugly, but these are the types of games they were winning down the stretch last year and if that's your thing, that's your thing. Without Elton Brand there's not many more ways they can win against decent teams. With the 2008-2009 Sixers it's never easy. Hopefully that changes win EB returns.

Here are a couple things you need to know about the win streak (when you have 15 wins, two is a streak) before I Rock Band myself to sleep. If you've read this and read this week's Wednesday GM and still haven't had enough Sixers, bust out your own version of Wednesday GM. I'd love to see some creative trades. Anyway...

Andre Miller is slowly rising on the list of my favorite Sixers. He has ice in his veins. I love his toughness. I love his craftiness. I love his veteran smart's and I love his clutch shots. He hit the proverbial "dagger" tonight with less than a minute to go, from downtown! Miller only shoots threes in big time spots. I love him. If he's traded I'll definitely miss the dude, but it'd be for the best of the team.

Everyone else had off-nights except for maybe Theo and Royal Ivey (Royal played crunch-time minutes yet again). All the other studs from Lou-Will to M16 made quite a few "rookie" mistakes, but their young and we still won, so I'm fine with it.

We're treading water nicely without Brand. Once he returns it will be time for our playoff push. I want the fourth seed. Is that too much to ask?

Next up: @ home against the Bobcats, then a tough stretch. The first meeting against the Blazers will be emotional for me since one of my best friends is a hardcore Blazer fan. A loss would be devastating and win would be magical since the Blazers are a much better team.

Goodnight Sixerland. Maybe you'll hear me in the distance drumming to Livin' on a Prayer

Until we meet again, go buy yourself an Andre Miller jersey.

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