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Wizards at Sixers open thread 01/30/09




Enemy: Bullets Forever
Prediction: 101-85 Sixers
7:00 PM est
Previous meetings: 109-103 W 104-98 W
Probable starters:
Mike James PG Andre Miller
Caron Butler SG Willie Green
Dominic McGuire SF Andre Iguodala
Antawn Jamison PF Thaddeus Young
Darius Songaila C Samuel Dalembert

Tonight is the first game in the Sixers 7-game homestand, and what better way to start than with the Washington Wizards. After that huge win in Houston Wednesday night, a home loss tonight against the Wizards would be a massive letdown. There's no way the Sixers allow the Wizards to get their tenth win of the season tonight, right?

No way. The Sixers have already beaten the Wizards twice this season--once with Brand, once without Brand, once at home and once on the road. There's no reason tonight should be any different. I'm predicting a double digit victory.

Wednesday against the Rockets the Sixers withstood the return of their lights out defender/3-point specialist in Shane Battier. Well, tonight the Wizards anti-Shane Battier returns. I'd say this is good news, no?

The only plausible way I see the Wizards winning this game is if they expose the Sixers poor perimeter defense, and expose it badly. It'll take 15-20 threes from the likes of Caron Butler (on my fantasy team), Mike James and Antawn Jamison, which is certainly possible, but not probable.

I envision a good old fashioned blowout and the Sixers finally getting over .500. 23-22, here we come!

7 p.m. eastern. Be here.

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