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Sixers lose on Tony Parker game-winner

Box Score

Pounding the Rock

If you didn't watch the game, the Sixers we're down 40-19 after the first quarter. San Antonio hit 15 threes. The Sixers battled back to tie it only to have their hearts broken by an offensive rebound followed by a game winner at the hands of Tony Parker. The shot was a difficult rainbow-fadeaway at the buzzer and it was absolutely devastating.

I'm in no condition to write a coherent recap, so I'll go with the good old, scrambled observations approach.

-Games like these from Andre Iguodala make me want to take back every negative thing I've ever said about him. He played one of the most complete games I've ever seen from him. It would've been awesome if he could've topped it off with a game-winner, but never got the chance. He was 10-15 from the field, 5-5 from the line, had 25 points, 8 boards and 8 assists. Not to mention a few monster dunks. MONSTER.

-Say what you want about Andre Miller. He made a questionable pass, thus committing a bad turnover at the end of the game and "allowed" Tony Parker to get the offensive rebound and hit the game-winner, but it was because of Andre Miller that the Sixers were even in the game. He committed only one turnover and was 12-14 from the field. He looked like an all-star tonight.

-Theo Ratliff played great defense down the stretch.

-Speights played 18 minutes, but none in the second half. He's nowhere near as good defensively as Ratliff or Dalembert and that's why he didn't play in the second half. Once he improves his defense the sky's the limit.

-Lou had another solid game off the bench. It wasn't spectacular, just solid.

-It cannot be said enough. Willie Green is absolute garbage. I dislike him a lot.

-Thad Young continues to show flashes and that jump hook is starting to look less like luck and more like skill. I'm confused on why he didn't play in crunch time and why Royal Ivey, of all people, took his minutes. He should've been out there. 

-The Sixers showed a ton of heart tonight and hung in there with the Spurs. I'm proud of the team tonight and even though they lost they did a lot of good things. No one likes to lose like that, but they could've easily laid down and gotten blown out after the 40-19 first quarter, but they didn't and played one heck of a game.

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