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Ford: Chance of Brand trade is 20%

And here's more Brand speculation from Mr. Chad Ford. He also lists Sammy D as a player who could me moved in his latest Trade Watch column.

Elton Brand, Sixers
The Sixers are experiencing quite a bit of buyer's remorse after giving Brand an $80 million contract this past summer. Brand has been awful in the early going. To make matters worse, he struggles to play the style the rest of the team wants to play. More and more, it's looking like a bad fit for both parties. I've heard rumblings over the past few weeks that the Sixers would let Brand go for expiring contracts and a future pick -- a pretty small price for the most coveted free agent of last summer.


But will anyone want to take on his contract at this point? The Heat's Pat Riley has always been a fan. The Pistons are looking for a dominant big, too. A Chicago homecoming isn't out of the question either. And the Cavs might be willing to roll the dice, although that's a lot of money to gamble with. Will any GM or owner in the league have the guts to pull the trigger?

Chance of trade: 20 percent

After what I saw last night I wouldn't necessarily agree with him that he's "struggling to play the style of the rest of the team". I think that might have just been the case under Cheeks. That being said, I wouldn't mind getting an good player with an expiring contract and a first-rounder in return, but If that's all the Sixers are looking for would they really do a deal like this along with two first-rounders? That's pushing it a little bit.


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