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My All-Star reserves revised

Earlier this week I posted who I thought deserved to be all-star reserves in the Eastern Conference.

1. PG-Rondo/Jameer Nelson

2. PG-Devin Harris

3. PF-Chris Bosh

4. SF-Danny Granger

5. SG- Joe Johnson

6. SF- Iguodala

7. C-Emeka/David Lee

Just missed-Paul Pierce and Rashard Lewis (Both would probably make it over Iguodala)

And now I'm here to change my selections after reading a few key statements from Marc Stein in the Weekend Dime.

  • Bosh is listed on the All-Star ballot as a forward, but the rules -- as I'm sure you've memorized by now after hearing this lecture for a few years running -- allow the coaches to vote for players at the position "most advantageous for the All-Star team" and "not necessarily the one he plays most often during the season."
  • The league's memo to the coaches contains these exact words for cases like East center, where the only worthy backup to starter Dwight Howard is Charlotte's Emeka Okafor: "The position at which he is listed on the All-Star ballot should have no bearing on your vote."
  •  Don't stare too hard at the stats. Pierce hovers at a new level of clutch ever since his NBA Finals MVP performance, even if his numbers don't look as gaudy as they did when he was younger. He's a lock.

Okay, so this changes a few things. Obviously if Chris Bosh is eligible at center, he's my choice. And David Lee and Emeka Okafor are completely disregarded. I think it's hilarious that the League actually sent a memo to the coaches basically saying, "Don't choose Emeka Okafor."

And this whole Pierce thing upsets me too. I believe Stein 100% when he says, "He's a lock," but that doesn't mean he deserves it over Iguodala. Pierce will make it and Iguodala won't. That's just the way it is. But that doesn't mean I'm going to leave Iguodala off my list, especially after reading this post by Brian. 

(For the record, Marc Stein has Mo Williams as an all-star, which I think is absurd.)

Without further adieu, here are my updated all-stars.


-Devin Harris

-Joe Johnson


-Danny Granger

-Andre Iguodala


-Chris Bosh

Wild Cards:

-Paul Pierce

-Jameer/Rondo (I still can't decide who deserves it more.)

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