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And the hype is back

A mire two weeks ago the Sixers were power ranked as low as 26 and as high as 19. They had reached an all-time low. Since then the Sixers have balled they're way to...drumroll please.

Marc Stein, ESPN-10

Elton Brand will soon be rejoining a team that's running again and suddenly winning again ... in a city that's in no mood for another tease after the Eagles fell shy of the Super Bowl. Did someone say pressure?

John Hollinger-6

The temperature in Philadelphia hasn't been above 40 degrees lately, but the Sixers have been red hot. They've won seven straight, including consecutive wins over the Hawks, Blazers and Spurs by 15 points or more. And Andre Iguodala is making a late run at All-Star consideration.

So, everyone thinks the Sixers are good again. On average, they're the 8th ranked NBA team in the three power rankings listed above. Everyone's anticipating the return of Elton Brand, believing the Sixers can only get better by adding a post presence and former all-star. All sound familiar?

Flashback to training camp: Where do the Sixers rank in Marc Stein's power rankings? 8. Here's what he had to say back then.

The Sixers were undisputed champs of the offseason, but it's also true that Mr. Brand might lift last season's No. 7s only one spot. Philly can finish anywhere from No. 2 to No. 6, like Cleveland, Detroit, Orlando and Toronto.

Hopefully this time around they can live up to the hype, and are able to adjust to Elton-and vice versa.

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