John Hollinger has a suggestion

On the best way to integrate Brand back into the line up and not mess with the recent awesomeness - I approve only because of it's decrease in the number of minutes to one hatian (burning) sensation


Philadelphia is storming back up the Power Rankings, moving up to No. 11, and the Playoff Odds now have the Sixers finishing in a tie with Miami for the sixth seed in the East -- not exactly what they'd hoped for at the start of the season, perhaps, but a great improvement on the chasm they were in a month ago. Philly blasted Portland by 21 on Wednesday for its fifth straight win, and while its improved 3-point shooting is getting a deserved chunk of the credit, there's a second story here -- the Sixers are playing small. Philly is lining up with Thaddeus Young at the 4 and pounding opponents in transition, and by using four perimeter players most of the night, they have enough floor spacing to generate more of those 3-point opportunities. All of which is of note because Elton Brand is due back this weekend. With Samuel Dalembert all but useless anyway, it seems the best option for the Sixers would be to use Brand as the starting center -- that way, they can keep running opponents ragged with their transition game, and they'll have four perimeter players to spot up around Brand when he's posting up.

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