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Best game of the year

Box Score

Peachtree Hoops

Ladies and Gentlemen, I just witnessed the best Sixers game I've watched all season. They went into Atlanta, which isn't an easy place to win these days, and out-played and out-hustled the Hawks en route to a 15-point victory. This was our first blowout win without Elton Brand and it was just magical to watch. Great win, plus entertaining basketball equals a very happy Sixers blogger.

Here are a couple quotes from the open thread I want to address. 

I think this is the best game they played in the 4 game win streak – stronger win – don’t feel ‘lucky’ to have won it – and on the road with a sunday start early--jemagee

I love the lucky comment. I can't emphasize enough how bad the Sixers looked like they wanted to win this game. The Hawks didn't lose this game, the Sixers won. Unlike their last game against Atlanta, they started strong and finished even stronger, out-scoring the Hawks 26-16 in the fourth quarter. This reminded me of all the great wins they had down the stretch last year, with a shot of Marreese Speights.

we need to put this game away

i haven’t seen it done all year--tsteidel

Well, now you have.

Key Stats:

-55% from the field

-9-15 from downtown!

-86% from the line

-+15 on the boards and +6 on the offensive glass

-19 turnovers was the only flaw, but it happens sometimes when you run like the Sixers.

Great Performances:

-Speights is a monster. He's one of the most exciting players when he's in the game. He had 12 points, 8 boards and a couple monster dunks.

-Iguodala was on fire from downtown. He had 27 points, 9 assists and 6 rebounds.



-Everyone else except...

OK Performances:

-Lou-Will was just OK, going 4-13 from the floor.

Bad Performances:

-Willie Green is always bad.

-Samuel Dalembert. Don't look at the numbers. Just trust me. 


Next up: Wednesday we get the Blazers in Philly. I'm extremely stoked for this game. More on that later. For now, celebrate the fourth win in a row, and the best win of the season.

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