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Sixers at Hawks open thread 01/11/09




16-20 22-13
Enemy: Peachtree Hoops
Prediction: 100-95 Sixers
2:00 PM est
Previous meetings: 95-88 L
Probable starters:
Andre Miller PG Mike Bibby
Willie Green SG Joe Johnson
Andre Iguodala SF Marvin Williams
Thaddeus Young PF Josh Smith
Sam Dalembert C Al Horford

There's nothing like an 11 a.m. game on Sunday morning. I assume many of you won't watch this game because your beloved Eagles play in the same time slot, and I don't blame you. If Dallas was in the playoffs, I'd be doing the same thing.

But for those of us who will be watching the Sixers, this will quietly a big game for us. If someone would've told me before the season that the Hawks would have six more wins than us at this point in the season, I would've told you that you were crazy, but they're 22-13 and we're 16-20. Shocking.

We're riding a three-game winning streak and the Hawks have lost two in a row, including a blowout loss against the Magic on Friday night. Despite the two-game losing streak they're still an impressive 15-3 at home, so for us to give them their fourth home loss of the season would be magical.

Earlier in the season, November 2nd to be exact, the roles were reversed to a certain extent. It was our third game with Elton Brand. We were coming off a monster win against the Knicks and we were supposed to be a top tier team in the east. It was all going according to plan for a while, as we built ourself 23-point lead only to find ourselves blowing that lead and losing the game. Given my belief that we were going to be legitimate contenders, the loss was devastating, but in all honesty, it opened my eyes and really set the tone for the rest of the season.

Today we return to the scene of the crime, and maybe, just maybe, we can reverse our luck with a win today. Let's go Sixers!

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