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Poll me.

Yo. It's been a couple days since the Sixers played and I'm not so sure that's a bad thing.

Both Wednesday and Friday they play King James and the Cavs, who by the way have been owning the rest of the NBA. I haven't seen any evidence that the Sixers will even put up a fight. All other news has been pretty quiet.

I've hit rock bottom as a sports fan with the Sixers season not just being a disappointment, but each game feeling like someone threw a brick at my head. Then to top it off, I have Tony Romo and crew sucking and the Astros being, well the Astros.

Add finals to the mix and it's been a pretty somber mood in the Sams' household as of late.

Help me out brethren. What do you do as a disgruntled sports fan? I need to know, because after finals, I'm going to need my sports.

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