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Sixers at Pistons open thread 12/5/08

This game's going to get more pub. than usual because it's A.I. vs. the Sixers.

Iverson's new team, the Pistons, are actually having some of the same problems the Sixers are having--trying to adjust to a new big-name teammate. The Pistons are 7-6 (ironically) since the Iverson trade.

Tonight, the Sixers big acquisition, Elton Brand, will be out with a bum hamstring. There are a bunch of different ways Cheeks could go with the starting lineup. He could roll with Wille, Lou or Rush at the two and slide everybody over a spot or he could substitute either Theo Ratliff or Marreese Speights for Brand. I'm torn between a lineup of Lou at the two or Speights at the four. Knowing Mo, he won't use either of him.

The game is in Detroit. The Sixers might just be able to pull a victory out if they put forth the same sort of effort they did against the Lakers.

Without Brand, the Sixers will probably get back to the scrappy play that got them into the playoffs last year. People are going to think they're better without Elton if they win, but their not, at least not in the long term.

TV: Comcast SportsNet

Record: 8-11

Prediction: 101-98 Sixers

This is an open thread.

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