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Sixers win 3rd straight? 3-0 under DiLeo

That's right folks. 3-0 under new head coach Tony DiLeo. Let's find it in our hearts to look past the three (Well, two. They just played one twice.) horrible teams they feasted on. Coach DiLeo is now 2-0 against the Washington Wizards, but it was far from a blowout.

I ended up watching the first half intently, then was forced to tape the second half for numerous reasons. The first being, I had to wrap ALL my Christmas presents, since we're opening them tomorrow--kind of lame I know, but we're leaving for Connecticut on Sunday. Another reason was I had to attend a friend of mine's little brother's high school basketball game. It was much more entertaining than I thought it would be, especially since the couple next to me were yelling such horrible things to the refs, cops actually had to show up. The game itself was a blowout, an all-athletic black team vs. 12 slow white guys didn't bode well for my friend's brother's team. Finally we watched The Promotion and I don't recommend it at all. Don't let Stifler and John C. Riley fool you; it sucked. It's funny that I write this stuff like you care and/or it's interesting because it's not, but I felt the need to throw it in.

After all my extracurricular activity and the successful quest to shield myself from any NBA scores I finished watching the game and since I'm tired as balls, I'm going to give you my thoughts in a short and sweet list. Here...we...go.

-Andre Miller is a monster. I take back every bad thing I've ever said about him. I still think Philly should try and trade him, but not because I don't like him, because he's old and in a contract year, and oh yeah, this team isn't very good. Send him to a contending team while he's still got something left, because the Sixers are at least a year or two away from being serious contenders.

-Again, tonight was not as easy a win as I thought it would be, but in the NBA and with the 2008-2009 Philadelphia 76ers nothing anything is possible.

-No Brand=No falling asleep. The Sixers gave up 103 points. Whatever. They won the game and it was entertaining to watch.

-I love Louis Williams. He's on fire and earning that contract. DiLeo loves him too and it shows with his 28 minutes per game since he became head coach.

-The Lou-Will/Mo Speights connection. Those alley-oop dunks are fan-tastic. They're the future of this team.

-Sometimes I can't stand Andre Iguodala. From the bricked jumpers, to the complaining, to the fancy-pass-attempt-turnover, to the missed free throws, sometimes I wonder why he got paid so much money.

-Willie Green and Sammy D combined for 30 minutes. That's so awesome.

-I'm still not sure why Theo plays. Speights should be getting all of his minutes.

-Kareem Rush can be effective in short stretches.

Overall it was a fun game to watch and I'm glad we pulled out the win. Nothing is going to be easy with this team from here on out, so we should take whatever we can get. Someone mentioned an Iguodala-bad-shot counter and until I figure out how to make it a widget on the website, I'll bust it out in the recaps. Tonight's number was 2. Iggy had a fadeaway airball and a pull up jumper that hit nothing but the backboard. By the way no one was covering him on the second shot.

It's time to hit the sack now. Tonight's basically my Christmas Eve, so I suppose I should get a little sleep. Tomorrow we get the Pacers at home before beginning our brutal road trip. It starts at 4:35 my time, which will be my pre-game Dallas Cowboys time, so I'll be watching the game, but not until the Cowboys game is over. The game thread will still be here though, for those of you who want to chit-chat. Until then, peace, love and happiness. 

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