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Sixers at Wizards open thread 12/19/08

Tonight Tony DiLeo will face the team in which he chalked up his first career win against, but this time it's in Washington. Two games ago the Sixers beat the Wizards pretty bad, but again, that was in Philadelphia and with Elton Brand playing one of his best games of the season. As you all know, Elton won't play tonight. Luckily the Wizards All-Star power forward might miss the game as well to even things out.

Check out Bullets Forever for Wizards coverage and while you're there, you might want to check out their trade proposal for Sammy D. That's right, someone is actually interested in Sammy D and I'd be a fan of the trade simply because it would mean no more Dalembert and the addition of Nick Young, the shooter.

And on the subject of trades, my boy Brian looks at the possibility of Ben Gordon one day wearing the gold, black, white, blue and red.

Two things to look for tonight is the way the team plays without Elton Brand and what the starting lineup will look like.

I see the Sixers winning and another big game from Lou-Will. Let's go Sixers.

TV: Comcast SportsNet

Record: 11-14

Prediction: Sixers win

This is an open thread.

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